― claudia matles, southampton, ny ―


While attending my first yoga class at University of Hartford, as part of my Elementary Education degree, I fell in love with yoga. This was the start down a path of profound personal transformation, and the birth of a lifelong journey of exploration. Through yoga, I found the courage to end a personal relationship that I had been struggling with for some time. I replaced my cigarette habit with pranayama, asana and meditation. I made the adventurous decision to move from Connecticut to Hawaii, and then California. In the best of ways, life changed for me. 

In Hawaii, while working as an elementary school teacher, I had the opportunity to study Viniyoga with Gary Kraftsow. I began to use yogic techniques with my third graders in the classroom, and learned the value of sequencing asana practices for each individual.

When I returned to the mainland,  I practiced extensively with Julie Kleinman and Shiva Rea at Yogaworks in Santa Monica, studying Vinyasa, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga and B.K.S. Iyengar styles of yoga. Still working as a school teacher, I began to infuse yoga in my teaching at the Magnet Performing Arts School. In 2003, after receiving a Masters Degree in Multi-Cultural Education, my intrigue in the Pilates method led me to become certified yet again, and it was then that I began my career as both a yoga and pilates teacher. In 2004, I completed my yoga teacher training with Rodney Yee & Colleen Saidman Yee, and have continued to study with them closely.

I have also pursued education in the field of natural health and complementary health care for the past 18 years, empowering both individuals and groups through my personalized health counseling practice. These sessions draw from my own experience as well as extensive study, including training from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Columbia University, and the Optimum Health Institute.

I find value and insight in these different approaches, and tether myself to operating out of sincerity, mindfulness and an open heart. My role as an educator is to create the space where clients achieve detoxification and purification on every level, feeling rejuvenated and able to apply more compassion, wisdom and love as you approach the poses of life. Yay! 


press & recognition

  • Ignite Spot - May, 2017

    “Child’s pose is my all-time favorite pose that helps on deep levels to calm, restore and revitalize,” says Claudia Matles, a certified yoga instructor. “It not only reduces stress in the body, but in the mind as well.”

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  • Readers Digest - June, 2016

    As a staple every morning, certified health coach Claudia Matles recommends hot lemon water. "It's a very powerful aid to flush the lymph system, and a healthy clean lymph system is the foundation for a healthy metabolism."

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  • Dan's Paper Award - 2010-2017

    "Dan's Best of the Best" Yoga & Pilates Instructor on the South Fork: Platinum and Silver Winner, 2010-2017

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  • Bustle - September, 2015

    "When you go through your life as if it already happened, your energy/attitude shifts from a 'less than' place to a feeling and attitude of completion/gratitude," says health counselor Claudia Matles.

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  • The List - October, 2017

    "A few very valuable tools I use while working with my clients are understanding that often times a sugar addiction is a symptom, and the cause very often is that you're craving for the sweetness of life," Claudia Matles, a certified health coach, told me.

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  • MSN - April, 2017

    "Side planks tone and help you lose the lower back fat and area around the waist, according to Claudia Matles, certified Pilates and yoga instructor, who says that many of her students come to her in hopes of losing lower back area extra weight."

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  • Special Fitness - May, 2017

    Claudia asks, "Are your actions coming from a pure, beautiful place or are they fueled by thoughts riddled with fear or resentment?"

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  • Purple Carrot - August, 2017

    "If you’re wondering what dietary changes someone recovering from addiction should make, Claudia Matles, a New York-based certified holistic nutrition counselor, offers a list of substitutions she requests her clients undertake."

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