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Claudia Matles
Claudia Matles
yoga, pilates & nutrition in the Hamptons, NYC & abroad

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Whether you strive for toning, proper alignment, weight loss, flexibility or peace of mind, Pilates training will enable you to achieve the total fitness results you are looking for. This unique method supercharges coordination of breath with core, creating an effective total-body workout that firms and lifts your seat, strengthens and lengthens muscles,  and helps give you a sleek, toned body without excessive bulk. Through proper engagement of the core, Pilates technique supports the health of the spine and mind.



Every exercise focuses on the muscles of the abdominal center as well as specific breathing patterns. They keep you “honest” by gently forcing you to use both sides of the body symmetrically in order to execute each exercise. Along with my classical foundation to the Pilates syllabus, I’m able to excite you with challenges along the way, and support you with modifications when needed. 



Concentration, control, center, flow, precision and breathing are the six principles — and benefits — of the Pilates tradition. It is ideal for individuals who wish to develop lean muscle through low-impact, strengthening exercises. It also benefits those recovering from injury or who wish to improve their energy, focus, posture or overall physique.

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